pretty lights & pretty music – The Anatomy of Frank

I’ve gotten to know The Anatomy of Frank quite well. Chris has been a member since 2010 and they’ve become a part of the family. They rehearse in our apartment and I’ll occasionally bring them food from the restaurant (twenty-something year old guys will never say no to free food, I’ve found). Boys will be boys — they’ll make silly jokes and I’ll roll my eyes, but underneath it all they’re a good bunch to be around. I’m continuously impressed with their dedication to their craft and how their passion comes out in their music. The level of talent is incredibly high — these guys are going somewhere, for sure. Take a listen to their music, I promise you’ll be just as impressed.

There’s going to be a change in their line-up, which you can read about in this incredibly heartfelt post. It was a pleasure having a chance to photograph them this weekend at their show. They had a simple but effective set up of glow-sticks and lights which only added to their distinctive performance. Here are my favorites.

Day 163 – 6.12.2011

We’ve been hit by a recent heatwave here in Central Virginia but over the past 24 hours we’ve had two powerful thunderstorms rush through that have definitely cooled things off a bit. It felt a bit apocalyptic with all the wind and rain thrashing through but soon the sky cleared and the sun was out.

I’ve spent most of today either reading or watching videos (or both) about photography, CrossFit, and food. It’s the trifecta of my life, honestly. If I could do this everyday, I would. Now, to cook dinner!