fall is here!

Something changed in the wind overnight. We woke up this morning and could feel the crispness in the air. Our original goal was to go hike Humpback Rock at sunrise, but who were we kidding? We hit that snooze button faster than you can say, “where’s my coffee?” Around 8 o’clock we stirred and got our butts out of bed.

For the those unfamiliar with the Central Virginia region, we’ve got a pretty incredible backdrop here. The Blue Ridge Mountains sit quietly until they take your breath away when you’re finally near. This little hike is only one mile, but it’s a straight shot uphill. Your heart rate goes up right from the beginning. This time we focused on appreciating the nature around us and breathing in the fresh air. Here are some snapshots from our morning.

Here’s one angle of our view from the top. Marvelous :)

moments in the Blue Ridge

It’s been gorgeous in Central Virginia and today was just one of those days where you couldn’t not be in the sunlight . Chris and I decided to visit a spot in the Blue Ridge that we hadn’t been to in about two years and I’m glad we did. We sometimes forget the calming effect that being outdoors and breathing fresh air can have. Even the sensation of walking in cold water or climbing on rocks is relieving. Our society has managed to detach us from nature and it is our responsibility to reconnect. We can’t forget how innately human it is to walk outside, to get dirty, to play around.

Day 8

It’s a very cold day here in Virginia (it even snowed overnight). Winter is still going strong and it sucks. I routinely joke that I’m genetically not built for this weather but it’s sort of true – I’m from Guatemala, where the motto is “País de la Eterna Primavera” (Country of Eternal Spring). I can appreciate the winter for a little bit but after a couple of weeks, I’m ready for spring.

This afternoon I noticed that my orchid (which I thought I had killed) has some buds! It reminded me that even though it’s FRIGID COLD outside, spring will be here soon enough! Whoohoo!