August 25, Day 237

Just wanted to share some of my experiments from today.

1) Homemade soup! Used homemade beef stock from here, added mushrooms and sundried tomatoes and let it boil & simmer for a while. Didn’t really know what I was doing but it tasted awesome! A decent little treat in the afternoon.



2) Beef kidney! Ok, people already think I’m weird enough as it is but I *heart* eating offal. My mom would buy and cook organs when I was a kid so I’m used to the odd flavors and textures, it’s quite comforting actually. We made a quick stir-fry with some miso (also from Wolf Creek Farm) and boy, that added a lot of flavor! I’m gonna admit that it was more successful than the first time we cooked beef tongue.

Day 185 – 7.4.2011

Happy belated July 4th! The weather was quite apocalyptic here in Central Virginia for a large part of the day. I spent it making blueberry & rhubarb jam with Jess. It was really fun learning how the entire process works and how easy it was! Thanks for letting me be a part of the fun, Jess!

Luckily, the weather calmed down enough to venture out to the fireworks. Although it was still drizzling, the rain cleared just in time for me to try my hand at firework photography. I forgot to bring my tripod out with me but managed to hold the camera steady enough (sitting in a chair helped) for the long exposure. These look kinda cool! I was debating posting the individual large images but a collage seems to be my favorite thing nowadays so a collage it is!