an update on my life

As soon as my life gets a little bit hectic, my tiny little blog is the first thing to get ignored. I’m a terrible blogger, I’ve decided. But that won’t stop me from trying! Here’s what I’ve been up to..

1. I started two exciting new jobs! Overall, I’m working about 40-45hrs/week so my schedule is packed.

2. We’ve moved into a new house! Painting and decorating has been fun and the space is a lot bigger so it’s taking some getting used to. But the neighborhood is lovely and it’s still close to both our jobs.

3. I injured my wrist and am recovering from tendonitis (and it’s no fun). So my “training” has been a bit lackluster. But last night I was able to comfortable clean (see movement here) over 100lbs for the first time since I got hurt so progress is being made! [As a side, an old running injury reared its little head last week but it didn’t stick around too long]

Hopefully it won’t be another two months until I update again but until then, I’ll leave you with pictures of this year’s fireworks in Charlottesville!

Day 185 – 7.4.2011

Happy belated July 4th! The weather was quite apocalyptic here in Central Virginia for a large part of the day. I spent it making blueberry & rhubarb jam with Jess. It was really fun learning how the entire process works and how easy it was! Thanks for letting me be a part of the fun, Jess!

Luckily, the weather calmed down enough to venture out to the fireworks. Although it was still drizzling, the rain cleared just in time for me to try my hand at firework photography. I forgot to bring my tripod out with me but managed to hold the camera steady enough (sitting in a chair helped) for the long exposure. These look kinda cool! I was debating posting the individual large images but a collage seems to be my favorite thing nowadays so a collage it is!