Day 195 – 7.14.2011

As I’ve mentioned, my parents visited me this past weekend. Whenever they come down, my mom insists on bringing me two things 1) flowers and 2) an obscene amount of fresh fruit. This time she brought me a beautiful bouquet of roses that I’m (hopefully) taking good care of, fresh figs and a whole (yes, WHOLE) watermelon. I made her take back half of it – I’m still working on the other half (hey, I’m only one person). I’m glad I get my craziness from her :)

Day 54

Having dinner with friends is always a good time. Having dinner with friends at a fantastic restaurant is an even better time. Tonight we had dinner with two friends at what’s quickly becoming my favorite restaurant in town: Brookville. Chris and I each got their 1/2lb burger (with bacon and egg on top) and one of my friends ordered this lovely plate: scrambled eggs with mushrooms on top of toast. Simple enough, right? Not quite. Note the flower. The presentation of this plate surprised me – what a great way to satiate the eyes before the taste buds get all those flavors. Kudos to Brookville for a great menu and thanks to Kyle and Megan for a wonderful evening!