Day 158 – 6.7.2011

Something funny happened at the gym today – my fear that I lost some strength was confirmed. We were doing some shoulder presses and I failed at a weight that is under my PR, about 13lbs under (even a few pounds makes a huge difference for me). I expected some strength loss after our Guatemala trip but was kind of in denial about it. Oh boy, off to rebuild some strength!

Day 81 – CrossFit Total

My gym finished a six-week strength cycle last week and we did our CrossFit Total today. I’m very proud to say that I PR’d on all my lifts!

Backsquat: 138# (12# PR)

Shoulder Press: 65# (3# PR – hey, it counts!!)

Deadlift: 182# (12# PR)

Total: 385!

I’m very pleased with my performance, especially considering I haven’t been doing the backsquats due to hip flexor pain. For our next CFT (whenever that will be) I want to break 400, at the very least.