Day 166 – 6.15.2011

I won the Food Photography Contest! My crab picture from Lívingston, Guatemala was my winning photo! I got a $100 gift certificate along with a bag of groceries. I don’t think it was a very large competition but it’s exciting to win nonetheless. The ladies who coordinated the contest were super nice,  thanks Whole Foods Charlottesville!

Also, a coworker brought me some exciting toys to play with. He’s leaving town soon and had these two laying around. I’ve mentioned that I’m learning a lot about film photography so he knew that I’d be interested in playing with them. They don’t seem to be in working condition but I’ve made it my summer goal to get them working and potentially develop some photos from them. Anyone got any tips or idea as to how these work?

Day 165 – 6.14.2011

I got some really exciting news today! I sent in a photo to the Whole Foods Charlottesville Food Photography Contest and found out my photo is a finalist! It’s been an inspirational couple of days – this surge of creative energy has been oozing out of me. I’ve been taking photos, playing around with the editing process,  – I even started writing, WRITING! It’s never been my form of expression (kind of sounds silly saying that on a personal blog) but I just needed to get thoughts out. It’s turning into an essay I may or may not publish. But I digress, the reception for the contest is tomorrow and I’m really excited to attend.

Below are the railroad tracks I walk over everyday when I walk to and from work, they looked beautiful under the Virginian sunset.