Day 205 – 7.24.2011

Some relief from the heat today! A small rainstorm rushed through and left puddles everywhere. Sidenote: I’ve also been playing around with Aperture all day so please forgive the post-processing flaws, it’s the only way I’ll learn.


I’ve mentioned before that I try to get one item from the Farmer’s Market that I’ve never dealt with before – this week’s victim: okra. Now, I didn’t really know what okra was because I’ve only eaten once (and it was fried). But! It was fun looking up recipes and techniques on cooking it. Several articles warned me that it was slimey but it wasn’t terrible! Smelled kinda funny but it added to the adventure. I ended up using this recipe but subbed cayenne pepper and a spice rub for the chili powder. (I also ended up burning my hand in the process and may have yelled out several expletives which may or may not have been heard down my street.) The cayenne pepper gave them a really good kick! They were delicious! Definitely going to make these again (sans hand-burning hopefully).




Day 163 – 6.12.2011

We’ve been hit by a recent heatwave here in Central Virginia but over the past 24 hours we’ve had two powerful thunderstorms rush through that have definitely cooled things off a bit. It felt a bit apocalyptic with all the wind and rain thrashing through but soon the sky cleared and the sun was out.

I’ve spent most of today either reading or watching videos (or both) about photography, CrossFit, and food. It’s the trifecta of my life, honestly. If I could do this everyday, I would. Now, to cook dinner!