pretty lights & pretty music – The Anatomy of Frank

I’ve gotten to know The Anatomy of Frank quite well. Chris has been a member since 2010 and they’ve become a part of the family. They rehearse in our apartment and I’ll occasionally bring them food from the restaurant (twenty-something year old guys will never say no to free food, I’ve found). Boys will be boys — they’ll make silly jokes and I’ll roll my eyes, but underneath it all they’re a good bunch to be around. I’m continuously impressed with their dedication to their craft and how their passion comes out in their music. The level of talent is incredibly high — these guys are going somewhere, for sure. Take a listen to their music, I promise you’ll be just as impressed.

There’s going to be a change in their line-up, which you can read about in this incredibly heartfelt post. It was a pleasure having a chance to photograph them this weekend at their show. They had a simple but effective set up of glow-sticks and lights which only added to their distinctive performance. Here are my favorites.

Day 169 – 6.18.2011

I spent Saturday morning cooking up a storm because after work I was heading down to Smith Mountain Lake to join Chris and his band at a private party show on the lake. Since I’m still on the Whole30, I didn’t want to risk not having anything to eat so I made sure that I made enough to cover the entire weekend. Thanks to some awesome local grass-fed ground beef, local swiss chard, and local pastured farm eggs, I was set. I actually made too much food and still have leftovers in my fridge. It did make a bit awkward when I walked in with my tupperware and everyone else (who I didn’t really know) was serving themselves BBQ, chips, coleslaw, etc. My stir-fry and sweet potato were delicious, thank you very much.

The afternoon was overcast followed by an intense rainstorm that quickly passed over and allowed the band to play outside. They’ve been touring the south-east for the past week and this was their last stop. The post-storm evening served as a great venue.

Ps. If you’ve got a minute (or several) check out the Anatomy of Frank‘s music video and the EP that is now for sale!

Days 135 – 156

What I’ve been up to since returning from Guatemala:

  • I started the Whole30 Nutrition Challenge on May 23rd (still going strong!)
  • CrossFit 2-3x a week
  • Work, work, work
  • Editing photos from Guatemala
  • Redecorating the apartment
  • Work, work, work
  • Sleep
This is just to update all my photos. As a side note, you’ll notice that there are some days missing – I’m going to admit that I slacked off and didn’t take any pictures on some days. I’ve accepted that I failed on those days and have forgiven myself. Onwards!
We gathered a crew of friends to help us in our first steps in decluttering our place! Our friends are awesome (Thank you Kyle, Michael, Ben and Mehtab!) and our apartment is awesome.
Sometimes, this is what you get when you live with a boy.
Typical breakfast (maybe dinner?) in our household.
We discovered something awesome – beef bacon! Kinda tastes like really good jerky when overcooked (my fault) but still delicious, I can’t wait to include back into my diet.
A great BBQ at a friend’s house included some perfectly grilled meat to satisfy our palettes.
He might kill me for including this picture but I like it. These are a series of photos taken of Chris’ band members for promotional posters. You should check them out – they’re pretty freakin’ awesome (
Day 1 of the Whole30! For dinner: grass-fed beef heart from Wolf Creek Farm!
 Apparently, I like food.Something I’ve yet to try at CrossFit – tire flips! Not that I’d succeed because they’re bigger and heavier than I am but who knows.
Back to the ol’ routine of the Saturday morning Charlottesville City Farmer’s Market. So many strawberries! I didn’t get any because they’re a bit too sweet for my taste (and therefore, go bad before I get to use them) but their colors are so enticing!
On days where the humidity isn’t stifling, I have breakfast outside on our back patio. It gives me the opportunity to savor my meal without the distraction of my laptop or the television. I also noticed that I feel way more centered when I’m not rushing around like a maniac in the mornings.
Where all the magic happens – my cupboard. Today (June 5th) I ventured to our local Whole Foods where they held a 50% off everything sale (they’re moving to a new location) and now my cupboard is even more stocked up. Now I don’t have an excuse for not cooking well.
A happy little accident occurred  – I was following a recipe from The Primal Blueprint Cookbook for an Almond Coconut dressing and added too much almond butter (is there such a thing?) and got a thicker, creamier sauce than anticipated! It’s got some tanginess from lemon juice and some added fresh basil so it goes incredibly well with fish.
While walking around the Farmer’s Market yesterday, I was tempting into buying some flowers to spruce up the apartment but I had to talk myself out of it – I know that I’m terrible at taking care of plants (although that orchid is still blooming..)
While I can’t enjoy a Sunday Brunch out because of the Whole30, I treated myself to a fabulous brunch this morning after a quick workout at a local park: local pastured farm egg scramble, prosciutto (no worries, the only ingredients were: pork, salt, pepper), and local swiss chard and sun-dried tomato sautée. Seriously, this was awesome – I impressed myself.

Day 98

Yesterday Chris’ band performed at the Charlottesville Pavilion! (Now known as the nTelos Wireless Pavilion – wtf?) I really like this shot simply because it’s always difficult for me to capture him playing (either he’s in the back and blocked by other people or he’s moving too fast) so I’m glad I got a couple of shots. I would have liked the quality to be a bit better but I’m working on it. Also, big news: new laptop coming in as soon as I get my tax refund – whoohoo!

Day 92

This picture was technically taken after midnight on April 3rd, not April 2nd, but I’m counting it anyway. I’m also posting this picture untouched for various reasons but mainly because of the light speck seen at the throat of my subject. I’m curious as to what you all think it is because I certainly don’t know. Dirty lens? Weird light reflection? Spirits floating around? This is my friend Kyle, who’s the lead singer of The Anatomy of Frank (I’m starting to think I’m their personal groupie or something..). This was taken at Rivermont Pizza in Lynchburg, VA.