places I love: New Jersey

Typically when I say “I love New Jersey” people assume I’m talking about the shore. While I have nothing against the Jersey Shore, I’m referring to the other side of the state. Just this past week I was able to spend some time around Frenchtown, where Chris’s family resides, where things are green, beautiful, and peaceful.

We spent a relaxing morning walking around Frenchtown, and I played around with my camera and snapped some photos. I love the little quirky stuff around the town, including the knitted wraps around trees, poles, benches, and ornaments. If you ever get a chance to stop by, please do – I promise you won’t regret it!

ps. I found this link about guerilla knitting. I’m telling you, this place is awesome!

Sunday Inspiration: umbrellas

I saw these images a few days ago and they stuck with me so I wanted to share them with you. What I love about them is that although  umbrellas are typically used during dark and stormy weather, this installation in Portugal is a playful contrast. Apparently they were part of an exhibit for an art festival called Agitagueda. I love the beautiful colors and how quaint that town looks. Certainly scratches the itch to travel abroad!

ImagePhotos by Patrícia Almeida (via My Modern Met)

Day 103

In exactly two weeks (FOURTEEN DAYS) Chris and I will be in Guatemala! The realization that our trip is so close has made me really excited and really nervous. I’ve got a lot of planning to do and a lot of relatives to contact between now and then. But I don’t want to be restricted by making reservations or booking hotels – I’d like the trip to be as fluid as possible. After reading the Guatemala Guidebook by Lonely Planet, I constructed a rough itenerary with places we definitely want to see but I’m leaving it in the air as to how long we’ll stay at a certain place. If we enjoy one place more than another, I want to be able to spend more time there without hassle.

One of my biggest challenges is going to be my luggage – I’m a professional over-packer. I’ll pack six different outfits for a three-day weekend (six different pairs of shoes included). In the spirit of keeping it light (literally) and minimalist, I’m going to restrict myself to one (albeit big) backpack and one messenger bag. If we’re going to be traveling every other day, I don’t want to worry about large suitcases.

I’ve got a rough draft of a packing list so far but one of the questions I’m struggling with is whether or not to take my DSLR. The risk of it getting stolen, lost, or broken is considerable and not something I’m taking lightly. But I know myself and I’ll regret not being able to capture the beauty of Guatemala through my own medium. If I didn’t take my DSLR, I’d take my old point-and-shoot so I wouldn’t be camera-less, but definitely limited.

I’m still conflicted though – what do you guys think? Any tips/advice on international travel?

Can you tell I’m really excited about this trip? I’ve actually written a post!

Day 19

As some of you may or may not know, Chris and I are going to Guatemala this year. We (read: Chris) booked our flights today! From April 27th to May 13th, we will be venturing through my homeland. I haven’t been to Guatemala in over 17 (!!) years. It’ll be quite the adventure.