Upcoming recipes!

Okay, so I’m not just sitting on my butt and eating copious amounts of food (well, not ALL the time). I’m testing out a couple of recipes that I hope to share with everyone but several trials must be completed. (As a side note, testing recipes is a really good way to satisfy all your cold-weather cravings).

-Pumpkin muffins! Made the first batch last night and oh boy, there goes my waistline.

-Homemade Nutella! Two batches down – pretty decent but could use some perfecting (read: I want to justify having to make more).

-Power balls! Inspired by the Nutella and portable!

Also, I was introduced to My Drunk Kitchen recently and found it hilarious. My kind of cooking show ;) You’d enjoy it.

Stay tuned!

August 27, Day 239

For those living under a rock (or you know, not the East coast), Hurricane Irene is pummeling through and actin’ a damn fool. Since Charlottesville is on the outskirts of her wrath, it’s been raining all day. Luckily, it hasn’t been anything more than that and hopefully everyone is staying safe tonight. In preparation for the storm, I made sure that our bellies would be satiated and happy throughout the night.

First up, homemade soup – the Big Girl version. Having recently bought some stew meat from Wolf Creek Farm through Relay Foods and having a lot of beef stock in the freezer, it was time for some comfort food for a rainy afternoon. Again, I acted by intuition and not by recipe (because it’s more fun that way). I added essentially every vegetable I had in the fridge: onions, red peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes (technically a fruit?). Seasoning: garlic, basil, thyme, oregano, salt and pepper. It sat for almost four hours on medium-low heat, until the meat was tender and falling apart. Verdict: it tasted like home, which is exactly what I was aiming for.

Next up (obviously) was dessert! My challenge for today was a No Bake Chocolate Cake. I’m going dairy-free and this involves heavy cream but meh! Life’s too short and there was a hurricane coming. That being said, at least I made sure that it was grass-fed heavy cream from Natural By Nature.

This was so decadent! I didn’t let it sit for long enough so it was still a bit soft but in my opinion it only added to the velvety flavor and texture. The chocolate-coffee combo blended with the richness of the cream is to die for. And it’s boyfriend-approved! Super easy to make!

Day 189 – 7.8.2011

In this episode of “Weird Culinary Adventures with Jenni”…

I cooked squid. And I wasn’t intimidated or perplexed (and maybe I should have been). Having had squid many times before, I didn’t really feel the need to look up a recipe or cooking techniques. I marinated it with a bit of Gunther’s Gourmet Lemon Oregano Vinaigrette (from Roanoke, Va!) and threw the whole lot of it in the pan on high heat. The tentacles started curling and moving – it was pretty neat (vegetarians, sorry). Now, I have no idea (no, really) how calamari should be cooked – all I know is, it was pretty damn tasty. The texture would throw some people off but I think we all know, I’m pretty open to weird food.

As a side note, I was craving something really decadent and chocolatey while at Whole Foods and was walking around like a crazy person trying to find something grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free, etc and only came up with one or two things. Both of which looked pretty sorry. Finally, I said “F*ck it” and went for the most delicious-looking brownie they had in their bakery. I ate it slowly after my meal to really cherish the flavors and you know what? I’m glad I ate it. Life’s too short.


Day 74

Slight fever + achiness + rain = sad Jenni. Enter: chocolate pudding. Same recipe from Day 53 (recipe here). Went running this morning which was actually enjoyable despite the cold weather but then my symptoms kicked in. At least I have chocolate.

Day 53

Oh. My. God. I have discovered primal dessert GOLD. Chocolate pudding. We recently started a Whole30-esque lifestyle change and seeing how we’re big dessert people, we needed something to satiate our sweet-tooth. This is it. It’s the perfect little dessert. Simple. Easy. Delicious. Get the recipe here.