Days 190, 191

Spent Saturday morning being very Charlottesville-y: walked to yoga (in my Vibrams), headed to the Farmer’s Market (bought lots of local stuff), and walked home (still in my Vibrams). Yadda yadda yadda. Yes, I’m a nouveau-hippie.

(This just made me laugh – “NO WHINING”)Well-known fact: when the train comes through Charlottesville – everything must come to a halt. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

My parents drove into Charlottesville today to visit and finally see the apartment. We brunched, walked, talked. We discussed a lot of what I’ve been reading in terms of food, sustainability and health. The conversation turned into composting. Seeing that I throw a lot of scraps away because I’m cooking mostly every meal, it seemed like a waste. The bins above are a bit too small so I’m going to head back to Lowe’s and purchase bigger ones. Any tips? Advice? Hopefully I’ll be able to use the compost for the garden I want to start! Mmm, I can’t wait to have (at least) fresh herbs growing!

Added a bit of color to my kitchen! I’m hoping to give it more personality.

Ended the day with some delicious wine (courtesy of my parents) and some fresh figs! Btw, what a weird fruit! Tasty but it’ll take a couple more tries to really enjoy it.



Day 51

I had a very Virginian day – wine tasting at Barboursville Vineyards, cheese and wine around a bonfire, and a concert at The Jefferson. 

Day 41

The glass of wine I’m currently drinking. What a week this has been (and it’s not even over). Tomorrow will be my last day at my job at a pharmaceutical company and then Saturday I will officially begin my position as assistant manager at a local restaurant. I hope tomorrow goes smoothly!