Days 190, 191

Spent Saturday morning being very Charlottesville-y: walked to yoga (in my Vibrams), headed to the Farmer’s Market (bought lots of local stuff), and walked home (still in my Vibrams). Yadda yadda yadda. Yes, I’m a nouveau-hippie.

(This just made me laugh – “NO WHINING”)Well-known fact: when the train comes through Charlottesville – everything must come to a halt. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

My parents drove into Charlottesville today to visit and finally see the apartment. We brunched, walked, talked. We discussed a lot of what I’ve been reading in terms of food, sustainability and health. The conversation turned into composting. Seeing that I throw a lot of scraps away because I’m cooking mostly every meal, it seemed like a waste. The bins above are a bit too small so I’m going to head back to Lowe’s and purchase bigger ones. Any tips? Advice? Hopefully I’ll be able to use the compost for the garden I want to start! Mmm, I can’t wait to have (at least) fresh herbs growing!

Added a bit of color to my kitchen! I’m hoping to give it more personality.

Ended the day with some delicious wine (courtesy of my parents) and some fresh figs! Btw, what a weird fruit! Tasty but it’ll take a couple more tries to really enjoy it.



6 thoughts on “Days 190, 191

    • I’ve actually had my Vibrams since last July but only recently started using them again (been out of sync with running and been using heftier shoes for the gym) but yes! always! I really love the feeling of being able to freely wiggle my toes and feel the ground.

      I also think walking in minimalist shoes has really improved my posture, if that helps. Are you thinking of getting a pair yourself?

      • Well, I’ve been researching for new running shoes, but because of my flat feet, the Vibrams wouldn’t be a good fit.

        One of my colleagues who used to work at a professional running store/runs marathons/is trying out for the Olympics told me that Vibrams are likely to cause injury with heavy use. “You’re better off running barefoot in a field of grass.”

        I’ve seen a few people with them on at the gym, and I always think they look like the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are :P

      • Haha, your colleague is right – barefoot running in a field is probably the best feeling in the world. But unfortunately, I’m surrounded by more concrete than grass. Vibrams do take some time to get accustomed to, especially if you’ve never thought about running form before (if you’re interested, google POSE running or chi running or read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall). If Vibrams aren’t a good fit, flat maleable shoes are your best bet. I’m looking for a great minimalist trail running shoe and I’ve heard great things about these:

        I always get funny looks when I wear my VFFs out – they do look funny. They’re a great conversation starter too!

  1. Compost is one of my favorite subjects! My biggest advice is to keep a pretty ceramic or glass container that can seal as a countertop compost container where you can accumulate things before taking them out to a main compost pile. When it fills up, then you can take it out to the compost in the backyard or wherever you keep your main pile. They sell containers made especially for containing compost on the counter, but you can use anything that seals. Mine is actually clear glass, and the veggie scraps and shavings are really pretty as they layer up (the coffee grounds, not so much).

    My other piece of advice is to make sure you add some carbonaceous material to your compost pile occasionally. They need a nice balance of carbonaceous (“brown”) and nitrogenous (“green”) materials, and most kitchen wastes are green. Plain shredded newsprint or dry, dead leaves/grasses are good for this.

    Compost just seems like such a logical thing to do—regardless of sustainability or how ‘green’ you want to me. We make organic/inorganic matter distinctions in lots of other parts of our lives, so why shouldn’t we find it intuitive to put organic matter back into the ground? But then you think about the absurd percentage of our landfills that are organic matter, which then break down to form really powerful greenhouse gases….it makes you wish composting were mandatory (in some cities, they charge for garbage by the pound and charge nothing to pick up waste that can be composted, which I think is one of the most brilliant policy moves ever to incentivize composting).

    Eee….a composting opus. Hope it’s useful, and hope you two are well!


    p.s. I searched for your blog in Google, and found this Twitter account. EERIE.!/garayjenny

    • I’ve been keeping a small trash bin underneath the sink for scraps but I definitely need to invest in one that seals. Thanks for the tips! I’ll keep an eye out for a good brown to green ratio.

      Also, I’ve read that you shouldn’t put animal products (as in meat, grease, dairy, etc) because it’ll attract critters and it’ll cause the bin to smell. I don’t throw away too much anyway (because I eat it all) but something to keep in mind.

      And that Twitter account is definitely EERIE – don’t show it to Chris, it might freak him out :P

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