Day 182 – 7.1.2011

I am DETERMINED to get over my fear of photographing people I don’t know. I forced myself to linger around the Downtown Mall and shoot since there were lots of people walking around. After seeing my friend Kyle perform The Anatomy of Frank’s solo act, I ventured towards the Pavillion for some good solid crowd exposure. And of course, I immediately got self-conscious and was hesitant to start shooting but I did it anyway.

Yeah, I’m still unsure of myself but mostly I don’t want people thinking I’m a creep – although, I guess I am! Anyhoo, I’m going to attempt to immerse myself with as many crowds as I can because everyone knows: practice makes perfect!

Also, I’m at the mid-way point of the 365 Project! Whoo! 183 more opportunities to learn!

One thought on “Day 182 – 7.1.2011

  1. it wouldn’t hurt to ask them if you can take their picture! :-) when i took film photography last semester people would avoid me if they saw me holding the camera. LOL.

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