Day 169 – 6.18.2011

I spent Saturday morning cooking up a storm because after work I was heading down to Smith Mountain Lake to join Chris and his band at a private party show on the lake. Since I’m still on the Whole30, I didn’t want to risk not having anything to eat so I made sure that I made enough to cover the entire weekend. Thanks to some awesome local grass-fed ground beef, local swiss chard, and local pastured farm eggs, I was set. I actually made too much food and still have leftovers in my fridge. It did make a bit awkward when I walked in with my tupperware and everyone else (who I didn’t really know) was serving themselves BBQ, chips, coleslaw, etc. My stir-fry and sweet potato were delicious, thank you very much.

The afternoon was overcast followed by an intense rainstorm that quickly passed over and allowed the band to play outside. They’ve been touring the south-east for the past week and this was their last stop. The post-storm evening served as a great venue.

Ps. If you’ve got a minute (or several) check out the Anatomy of Frank‘s music video and the EP that is now for sale!

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