Day 168 – 6.17.2011

It’s been a day of culinary adventures. I woke up and instantly knew what I wanted for breakfast – E.A.T. salad rolls. May I present to you my own little culinary piece of art. The E.A.T salad (egg, avocado, tomato) wrapped in some high quality prosciutto. I’m telling you, I’m brilliant. These are going on the menu for the paleo restaurant I’m going to start.

After my workout in the afternoon, I was searching through my fridge and didn’t really find anything inspiring. Looked in my cupboard and voila! Sardines. Now, I’ve never eaten sardines before and although I’m open to trying new things (hello, I’ve eaten cow tongue!) I’ve been hesitant about sardines. Why? No clue. I figured I would try them out with some avocado and salsa (and a bit too much salt, might I add). Verdict? Delicious! Fishy, tasty, yum.

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