One Year of CrossFit

A year ago today I stepped into CrossFit Charlottesville for my very first On-Ramp class. I had just graduated from UVA and the classes were a graduation gift from Chris (he’s sweet, huh?). I told him that I would commit to the month of On-Ramp classes and then I’d decide whether or not to continue. At that point in my life I had been running like mad-woman, having just completed my first half-marathon in April 2010. I was the skinniest I’d ever been and quite possibly the weakest I’d ever been. To say I was hesitant to start CrossFit would be an understatement. In the back of my mind, however, I knew I’d like it – I had been an athlete (soccer and basketball) for most of my youth and a competitive one at that.

I keep a regular journal of all my fitness-related activities: CrossFit WODs, lifts, running miles/times, yadda yadda yadda. And I’m glad I’m OCD about it because on days like today, I can go back and see how much I’ve improved. Here are the numbers, then and now.

Summer 2010 / May 2011

  • Backsquat: 55# / 138#
  • Deadlift: 115# / 182#
  • Shoulder Press: 40# / 65#
  • Power Clean: 45# / 94#

I’ve also accomplished the following feats:

  • Using the 35# kettlebell
  • Stringing together a decent number of double unders (24 was a PR)
  • Using the big girl box for box jumps (24″)
  • Regular push ups
That being said, I have the following goals I want to accomplish:
  • My first strict pull-up
  • 200#+ deadlift
  • 100# cleans
  • Learn to love wallballs (God, I hate them)
  • Not being afraid of weight overhead so I can finally do squat snatches
  • Learn to row more efficiently
I’ve accomplished a lot but no way am I done – I’ll never be “done”. I’ve got lots to work on and will always have something to work on. Harder, better, faster, stronger (cue Daft Punk).

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