Days 117-119, Guatemala City

[Sorry for taking so long to update, I’ve been crazy busy – but no more excuses! I’m going to start posting my pictures from Guatemala by location/event instead of by day-to-day.]

We arrived in at the Guatemalan Airport at noon, where we were greeted by my godfather, followed by my paternal grandmother and uncle, and one of my maternal aunts. My godfather then drove us to his house so we could rest and prepare for a dinner later that night.

My god-family’s neighborhood was a gated-community with armed guards at the entrace. One thing that took me by surprise was the prevalence of armed security guards. It goes to show that the violence and crime levels are severely elevated than what I’m used to, because I saw some sort of weapon around every corner. Regardless, it made me feel safe and I really loved their neighborhood (not gonna lie, the yellow houses were the inspiration for our now-yellow bedroom).

The entire family (sans Chris, who took the picture).

Reunited with my sister – it was exactly what I needed at that moment in my life. I feel like if I had gone to Guatemala sooner, I wouldn’t have been mature or ready to reconnect with my sister on an adult-level. Although we hadn’t seen each other in almost two decades, by the end of the night it was as if no time had passed. Chris says we even laugh the same way.

We spent our second day in Guatemala with my godmother, who drove us all over the city to see the main sites, including the Parque Central. Here’s the church on the east side. I was incredibly nervous taking my camera out in public here just because I know that Guatemala City is the most notorious for robbery but it was fine – I only took my camera for a couple of minutes at a time.On the third day, we spent the morning packing and playing with the puppies that my godparents were fostering. Look how small the puppy is! Afterwards, we headed out to Antigua, Guatemala’s original capital.

One thought on “Days 117-119, Guatemala City

  1. <3 so glad that you reconnected with your sister
    that must mean so much to you both

    & awww, i want to hold the little puppy how cute

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