Day 67

Not a great day at the gym today (well, kinda). During our warm-up, I lost my balance during some overhead squats and ended up dropping the 45lb bar on my ankle/foot. It didn’t hurt too badly so I continued with the lift for the day: deadlifts.

I heart deadlifting. It makes me feel incredibly strong. We were going to a 2-rep max today and I worked up to 170lbs (a 15lb PR from the last time we did DLs!). I feel like I could have gone just a bit heavier but that was good for today – I’m hoping to break 200lbs soon.

ANYWAY – we then moved onto the WOD: 3 rounds of 10 Chest-To-Bar pull-ups and 30 “rabbit” burpees (jumping a foot higher than your reach). My foot wasn’t really giving me any problems so I started without thinking too much of it. Ooops. I twisted the same injured foot during the first round of burpees. I finished the WOD using the redband for pull-ups and push-ups instead of burpees but man, my foot is killing me now. But at least I was wearing cool socks!! Commence rest days..

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