Day 66

I’m very proud of what we had for dinner tonight – chicken hearts and livers! Sounds gross, right? WRONG. We recently bought some from Polyface Farms through Relay Foods and decided it was time to use them. The cooking process was very simple: pat the organs dry, sprinkle a reasonable amount of sea salt, place on grill (I placed mine on a tinfoil sheet so they wouldn’t fall through). It really brought out the natural textures and flavors of the organs so it was a really pleasing effect on my taste-buds. I wanted to document the entire process so tonight you’ll get four pictures. I served these alongside a Brussels sprouts and broccoli medley and avocado on the side.

One thought on “Day 66

  1. I wish I could say I enjoyed liver and hearts….I’m more of a gizzards girl….LOL!! But the veggies look delicious!!!

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