Day 60

Power cleans – I love them and I hate them. When I first started CrossFit, I had a really difficult time getting the movement down – I was working with a PVC pipe for a while and thanks to our Oly lifting trainers, I finally was able to make the movement smoothly and cleanly (haaaa). I was incredibly comfortable with the movement until we started going heavy. I hadn’t gone for a one-rep max but the heaviest I had gone is 89lbs. I feel like I’m stuck at this weight. When I go to lift, I get butterflies in my stomach, my heart rate spikes and I end up psyching myself out.

Our rep scheme for today was 5-3-1-1-1. For my first one-rep max I successfully got 94lbs, which I didn’t really think I would get. After that lift, I was really doubting myself and couldn’t get 99lbs when I tried. Anyone else experience these mental blocks? Afterwards I was feeling a bit weak and jittery so we went to a local Mexican taqueria and got the best tacos in town. Add some eggs and suddenly my mood was lifted.

On a completely different note, I definitely want to make an effort to include less food and more everything else. Or maybe I should just make this into a food blog – thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Day 60

  1. I have the exact same power clean problem! I failed at 99, too, for the same reason. I think my brain realizes how heavy it is and just refuses – I don’t even get the bar higher than my waist before giving up.

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