Day 3

This past fall, Chris (the boy) and I took part of a cow-share with several other people from our CrossFit box. We purchased 1/16th of a cow from Wolf Creek Farm. Included were several pounds of ground beef, bones for beef stock, and some massive pieces of meat. Also, a tongue. We had eaten tongue before and were intrigued by its taste and wanted to try it our for ourselves. Ergo, tonight’s dinner. This 2-pound tongue has been sitting in our freezer for several months and we finally got the courage to cook it. Today’s post will include two pictures: before and after.

This thing was huge. And kind of gross-looking. Afterall, it is an animal’s tongue. Note the tastebuds. We cooked it following this recipe. We probably cooked it for a bit too long, but its taste was awesome. We sautéed some asparagus and spinach (with some butter and brie – yum!) and of course, drank a glass of wine.

Overall, a pretty good meal :)

5 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Tim – we ended up cooking the tongue for ~3-4 hours and it was extremely soft (dare I say, mushy?) when we finally ate it. Next time, we’ll know better :) Also, that recipe looks great! I’d love to try that one if and when we get another tongue. Thanks! :)

  2. Wow, this is REALLY great! Is there a way to contact you(email) to get a photo(and other ones if you have them) of your cooking experience with meat from Wolf Creek Farm? Do let me know! Thanks!


  3. Hi! You can contact me at Wolf Creek Farm’s meat has been delicious thus far. It’s been almost three months since we received our share and we still have plenty left. Since it’s grass-fed beef, it has a lot of nutritional benefits (which you can read about here). Plus, it’s always nice to know that our meat came from a local farm (we’ve even met the farmers themselves at the Farmer’s Market). Let me know if you have any other questions!

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